Suggested Books and Study Materials for Courses we offer
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Intelligent Network Video Camera Course:
  • Intelligent Network Video by Fredrik Nilsson (c) 2009 - CRC Press

Certified Alarm Systems Technician Exam Prep Course:
  • Applied Security Devices and Circuits by P. Benton - Prompt Publications (c) 2001

Electronic Security Networking Technician Exam Prep Course:
  • Guide to Networking for Physical Security Systems by David Engebretson
  • Technicians Guide to Physical Security Networking - Enterprise Solutions by David Engebretson

Certified Fiber Optics Technician Exam Prep Course:
  • CABLING by Andrew Oliviero and Bill Woodward  ISBN 978-0-470-47707-6
  • Fiber Optics Installer and Technician Guide - by Bill Woodward and Emile Husson - ISBN # 0-7821-4390-3
  • Technicians Guide to Fiber Optics - 4th Edition - Donald G Sterling - ISBN # 1-4018-1270-8
  • Added Reading - Designers Guide to Fiber Optics - AMP Inc. - Note: Only used copies of this book are available as the book is out of print

NICET Fire - Level I -  NICET Fire Level I Outline

NICET Fire - Level II - NICET Fire - Level II Outline

NICET Fire - Level III -NICET Fire Level III Outline

NICET Fire Reference Books - NICET Fire Level i Reference Books

NICET Fire Reference Books for Level II   NICET Fire Level II Reference Books


NICET VSS Level I Technician   NICET  Video Security Technician Level I

NICET VSS Level II Technician  NICET Video Security  Level II Technician      

NICET VSS Designer I
NICET Designer i Reference Books
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Important Information
on Reference Materials for NICET
Effective 9/14/2013 NICET Fire Alarm Systems - Level IV will
transition to the following references.
NFPA 101 - 2012 Edition
NFPA 72 - 2013 Edition
IBC - 2012 Edition
Expect the Level I, II and III test to be upgraded 4/01/14
incorporating the newer versions of study references.