NICET Video Security Systems Technician
Level I Exam Prep Course
  • Workplace Safety - Cables and Terminations
  • Camera Mounts - Power Connections
  • Camera Types and Mounts - Splices and junctions
  • Cabinets and Racks - Labeling and Continuity
  • Fault locating - Job Documentation
Level II Exam Prep Course
Includes: Site Assessment
  • Bills of Materials -\ Plans and timetables
  • Housings and Domes -\ Mounts and Hardwire
  • Grounding and surge/lightning protection
  • Switchers, Quads and Multiplexers
  • Analog Video Recorders and NVR/DVR's
  • Fiber Optics - System Testing and Commissioning
  • Monitors and Switching Systems - Troubleshooting
  • Planning and conducting user training
  • Project Management - and much more

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  • include Student Workbook - mailed after registration
NICET Video Security Systems Designer
Level I Exam Prep Course
Includes: Site Assessment
  • Cost Benefit Analysis, Plans and Budgets
  • Facility Layouts and Camera Locations - Cable Paths
  • Legal, Regulatory and Privacy concerns
  • Cables, fiber, connections and surge protection
  • Cameras, Head-ends, Mounts, Housings, Recording devices, etc.
  • Proposals, contracts and Permits
  • User Training Skills and
  • Project Management - time controls - Bills of Materials
Level II Exam Prep Course
Includes: Understanding LAN/WAN communications, Digital
Technology, Telecommunications including POTS, ISDN, DSL and T1 -  
Integration with Access Control, HVAC, Building Automation, Burglar
and Fire alarms - Proposal and Contract Preparation -
  • Project Management - Time lines and Charts - Cost Mitigation  
    and management - Network Cameras and Recorders - Type A, B &
    C Systems - Transmission medias - And tons more

  • includes Student Workbook - Mailed after registration
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