Listed Below are some Questions normally posed by prospective students and appropriate Answers
We feel sure many if not all your Questions will be answered here...
Q1 - Can I pay my tuition at the door?
Answer:  Sorry NO - Most if not all of our courses involve a Student Handbook.  We use just in time publication of all of our handbooks and
we would not have books for you.  Secondly, our instructors are not authorized to enroll students at the door.  Last minute students should
call the Business Office to ensure seats are still available and associated handbooks can be obtained.

Q2 - I hold several state electrical or alarm licenses, can I get credits to apply for those licenses as well?
Answer:  Yes, In those states where Termark Technical Institute is approved to award CEU credits.
If you hold several Florida licenses there is a administration fee of $25. per license, In states other than Florida the fee is $50.00 per
license, this fee is in addition to tuition and other fees. This service is only available to those students who notify the school in advance of
the commencement of class.  We cannot consider this service AFTER the class has started

Q3 - I want to enroll for Burglar Alarm Systems Agent  or Fire Alarm Systems Agent Training
Answer: To enroll for the 14 or 18 hour courses you must complete in full the Student Enrollment Form, the BASA/FASA Enrollment Form,
the Student Code of Conduct Form and submit in digital form (.jpeg) a passport type photograph without any hats or sunglasses and with a
white background. Note:  Many CVS, Walgreens and WalMart's are equipped to do this for you if you do not have the equipment to do so.
BASA and/or FASA
Students are reminded we must have the BASA/FASA Student Form, the Student Enrollment Form and the Student
Code of Conduct Form COMPLETELY filled out without blanks. Students submitting partially completed forms will NOT be enrolled until the
documents are complete NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q4 - I have an expired BASA and/or FASA card - can I just take the required 6 hours of bi-annual training?
Answer:  NO - The State of Florida requires you to keep your BASA and/or FASA Training current.  This means you MUST renew your card
with the required 6 hours of mandatory training WITHIN the two years immediately after your initial card issuance or last renewal.  
If you card has expired you MUST re-take the initial BASA or FASA training all over again.

Q5 - Can I get training BEFORE you next scheduled class in my area?
Answer:  We do hold custom classes for many of our employers and individuals who cannot or do not want to wait until the next scheduled
class in their area.  Please be advised our minimum tuition fee for any custom class is $1,500.00.  An example - there is an employer with
5 employees who need BASA training.  The fee for that training is $199. per student, or a total of $995.  This, of course is under the
$1,500. so the minimum would apply.  Now if that same employer had 10 employees who required the BASA training, the tuition would be
$1,990., therefore the $1,990. would be the tuition fee assessed.

Q6 - I've enrolled in a class and now something has come up and I cannot make my class date - What should I do?
Answer:  Call the school business office as soon as you determine you will not be able to attend class. As outlined in the Student Enrollment
tuitions are not refundable, however if you are at least 14 business days from class start date you are entitled to a transfer to
another class in the future without additional tuition.  
 If  3 days or less, from class start you may reschedule your class to another date
in the future by paying a
$50.00 rescheduling fee.
SORRY -No notices will be considered on the school start date for any reason and tuition fees will be
forfeited for non-attendance.

Q7 - What forms are needed to enroll in a Continuing Education (excluding BASA or FASA), NICET, Technology,
Certification and Green Technology courses?
Answer: The Student Enrollment Form and the Student Code of Conduct Form plus payment of tuition by either business check or credit card.

Q8 - How do I register for a class?
Answer:  From the Home Page click on the link marked "Registration Forms" - There you will find all forms used by the school.  Select the
forms you need an print off same.  Once you have completely filled out all forms and selected the form of payment you may fax, e-mail or
snail mail your registration to us.  Registration request sent by either e-mail as an attachment or by fax usually will be processed the same
day if credit cards are used.  You should receive back a confirmation by either fax or e-mail, if you have provided same. Registrations
which are either snail mailed or faxed with a notation that tuition will be paid by check, and that check will be mailed to our office will not
be confirmed for registration until the check arrives.  If you ever have any questions on registration either e-mail us at or call our business office at (954) 979-4480 (Monday-Friday 9AM-Noon and 1-5PM EDT)

Q9 - I'm a Contractor - How soon will my CEU's be posted to my account with the State Board?
Answer: In those states which require the school to report directly to the applicable board, reporting is done the next business day.  Some
require electronic transmission of attendees while other require the reports in a paper format to be mailed.  In any case, we always
promptly report all attendance by our students. It must be understood by the student that Termark Tech does not control any time delays
which may exist within any state licensing board for posting credits to your license account.  If you have a question ask your instructor the
day of class how will the state be notified of your participation and what you should do to ensure credit for your attendance.

Q10 - I want to enroll in a Exam Prep Course - Can you guarantee I will pass?
Answer:  While the school has experienced outstanding results we, as with any legitimate educational institution, cannot assert any
guarantee you will pass any examination. Every student has different retention rates of knowledge and therefore may take longer to grasp
certain information.  All training is based on the latest information available to on exam contents, based on survey results from students who
have taken similar examinations.  We can state that a majority of our students are successful with their examinations and we do offer
FREE retraining for those who fail to pass.  A student who fails to pass should contact the business office immediately and ask to be placed
on a list of students scheduled to take the next exam prep course in your area.  Students who do not wish to wait for classes in their area
may travel at their own expense to a class in another part of the country.

Q11 - Can I use forms my employer has on file to sign up for a course?
We encourage our students to print new forms from our website as needed.  From time to time the school alters or makes changes to our
forms in order to comply with changing state laws or administrative directives.  If you use an old edition of one of our forms you may
encounter a delay in registration.

Q12 - I'm not a student of Termark Tech -- Can you still proctor my ETA, FCC or other certification examination.
Yes, of course we will proctor your examination.  While the proctor may or may not receive any compensation from the licensing organization
the school ask for a $25.00 fee to offset costs associated with facility overhead for providing a location to sit for the examination.  This
fee is for test that do not exceed 2 hours.  For test that exceed 2 hours, but do not exceed 8 hours, the fee is $50.00. Complete the
Proctor Request Form and mail, fax or e-mail the completed form together with payment to the school.  Upon receipt the school will order
your examination and schedule a date and time to sit for the test.
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