Classroom Courses
>14 Days to Class Date
Tuition Greater Than $250.00
Less Service Fee of 25%
Tuition Less than $249.99
Less Service Fee $50.00
14 to 7 Days to Class Date
Tuition Greater Than $250.00
Less Service Fee of 50%
Tuition Less than $249.99
Less Service Fee $100.00
Less Than 7 Days
To Class Date
Tuition Greater than $250.00
Less Service Fee of 75%
Tuition Less than $249.99
Less Service Fee $150.00
Online Courses
Prospective Students are advised that Termark Technical Institute utilizes a third party server service to host our Online
Courses.  As such, once a student enrolls in a course and the school acknowledges your enrollment a minimum service fee of
$100.00 is earned by the school.   If a student logs on to the website and commences training NO REFUNDS will be issued.  
Books, and/or  CD's, furnished with any online course must be returned in original unopened condition in order to receive credit.
Shipping and Sales Taxes are not refundable.
Bookstore Purchases
Failure to attend a class when enrolled for which no claim of refund has been sought prior to class date acknowledges and waives right to a
refund under any premise or theory.  Service fees are charged by the school to reimburse for expenses incurred, including, but not limited to
facility and equipment rentals, instructor and travel expenses, etc.
Students (or customers)  who purchase anything from our school's bookstore and desire to return their purchase must.
  • (1.) Seek a Return Materials Authorization within 14 days of shipping date.
  • (2.) Return the purchase in the original condition, shrink wrap and/or tamper seal intact.  If the shrink wrap and /or tamper seal is opened, the
    product is NOT RETURNABLE
  • (3.) Return Material the same way it was shipped to you. Normally, USPS Priority Mail Insured.

Please understand that Shipping Charges or Florida Sales Tax (Charged to Florida Residents Only) ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.
School Refund Policy
Effective 3-31-2013
In accordance with Florida
Statutes 1005.04 and
1005.34, Termark Technical
Institute hereby states it's
policy for refunds of any
tuitions paid on enrolled
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