Book Title                                                    Author        Edition        Price

Alarm Contractor I Tab Set Complete                              Termark                                     $60.00
Alarm Contractor II Tab Set Complete                             Termark                                     $50.00

Atlas Construction Math Review
                                                                               Atlas Pub             Third              $29.50
Applied Security Devices & Circuits(4 CAST Certification) P.Benton                                 $34.95   

GROL & Radar Study Guide - Elem 1,3 & 8*                  Gordon West        2010               $49.00

NICET (R) Fire Alarm Level I & II Study Guide                Termark Tech       2013             $129.95
2012 Edition - Available on a CD in .pdf format*              ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
ISBN # 978-0-9891188-0-4
2014 Edition - Available on 4Gb USB Flash Drive  - ISBN#978-0-9891188-8-0                 $129.95
NICET (R) Fire Alarm Level III Study Guide                     Termark Tech       2013            $129.95
2012 Edition - Available on a CD in .pdf format*               ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
ISBN #978-0-9891188-1-1

NICET (R) Video Surveillance Systems Tech              Termark Tech       2013             $149.00
Level I & II Study Guides*                                                   ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
ISBN # 978-0-9891188-3-5    2013 Edition available on CD in .pdf format
NICET (R) Video Surveillance Systems Designer
Level I & II Study Guides*                                                  Termark Tech        2013            $149.95
ISBN #978-0-9891188-4-2                                                 ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
2013 Edition available on CD in .pdf format

BASA/FASA Student Study Guide                               Termark Tech        2012              $59.99
1700+ Pages of Important Information - 2015 Edition
Available on a CD in .pdf format*

F.C.C. General Radio Operators License Exam Prep Course
                                                                               Termark Tech Press   2014             $149.95
ISBN #978-0-9891188-5-9                                                ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
2014 Edition available on 4 Gb USB Flash Drive in .pdf format

** This reference will change to the 2013 edition in the Fall, 2013.

* = Book included with tuition for subject classroom course - Online courses may purchase this book separately.
Note:  Bookstore Prices are subject to change at any time to reflect current pricing of the publisher. - Please verify a price before ordering
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Tuition Discounts
The following discounts apply to large single source employers and groups.
1-5 Students - No Discount
6-10 Students - 2% OFF
11-25 Students - 5% OFF
26-50 Students - 10% OFF
51-75 Students - 15% OFF
76-100 Students - 20% OFF
Discounts must be calculated off of MSRP and not Sales Prices - GSA Pricing is 2% less than the lowest posted discount
Excludes BASA/FASA Courses

International Students
1. Tuition Fees must be payable in U.S. Funds, drawn on a U.S. Bank or U.S.P.S. Money Order
cannot accept International Money Orders or checks drawn on a bank outside the United States
If you reside outside of the United States please make arrangements with a  domestic business or financial institution
to make payment on your behalf.
Student Visas - Student Visa generally are NOT required since many of our courses are 7 days or less in length.
Most International Students obtain Travel/Visitor Visas from their government
Enrollment - Please be advised we are unable to enroll any student who claims citizenship in a country currently listed by the United States Department of
State or the United States Department of Commerce as having a travel or commerce restriction.  Students are encouraged to check with the US consulate in
their country or appropriate U.S. Government agency PRIOR to submitting your application.

Multi-Jurisdictional Students
Students who maintain licenses in more than one jurisdiction, state, or organization and who desire to apply credit to more than one agency or organization,  
for a course attended - Please read the following:
C.E.U. credits will be reported to one agency, state or organization as part of your tuition fee.
Florida Alarm or  Electrical Contractors who hold more than one license will be assessed a Processing Fee of $25. for each additional license number reported
to a State or Local Jurisdiction.

Contractors who hold licenses in multiple states and desire credit for courses attended will be accessed a reporting fee of $50.00 per state or agency.
Private Classes
Private Classes for any of our courses can be scheduled around the nation. Employers planning to host a training class should ensure they have adequate
facilities for such event.  There is a minimum fee of $2,500.00 offset against tuition and travel expenses.  Employers interested in scheduling an event should
contact the school for an estimate.
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Some of the textbooks used by our instructors in some courses are published by Taylor & Francis Group or CRC Press.  To determine if a
Taylor & Francis book is being used please refer to the course descriptions.

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Termark Technical Institute is licensed and/or registered to provide adult education specific training in various states throughout the United States - We are affiliated or registered with  
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Coral Springs, FL. December 21, 2009 - Effective January 1, 2010 Termark Technical Institute will open Termark Tech West  located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Student are encouraged to
contact the school directly at (307) 222-0340 for our Wyoming class schedules.
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Coral Springs, FL. - November 18, 2010 - Termark Technical Institute announces today it is teaming with Infinity Learning of Asheville, North Carolina to provide it's students on-line versions of
it's various training courses.  Rollout of initial courses will begin in January, 2011 and continue through the first quarter of the year.
With the introduction of it's on-line courses, the school with be able reach student who are unable to attend physical classes at it's training sites around the nation.
Tuition Discounts & Business Policies
Outside Book Sources
Florida Residents
Textbooks are taxable to Florida residents. 6% will be added to all prices quoted herein
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Changes in banking regulation require us to request payments that exceed $5,000.00 be by Electronic Wire Transfer.   
Please contact our office for bank wire information.
New Online Training
Coral Springs, FL - June 12, 2011 - Termark Technical Institute is pleased to announce the opening of our new School of Online Training with the enrollment of our first Students.  Initially, we
will be offering three courses in NICET exam preparation, with addition of some of our more popular courses coming bi-weekly to monthly thereafter.  Please click on our link below for more
Termark Tech employs "Just In Time" publishing on most of it's handbooks and handouts.  For this reason, we cannot accept
"Walk-In" students, nor are we equipped to accept tuition fees at the door.
Tuition Payments
Tuition is due and payable upon enrollment.  The school can accept direct deposit,  bank teller or cashier's checks, business checks. USPS
Money Orders (all must have standard banking MICR encryption on the bottom)
  Payment should be made at-least fourteen days
prior to class date
.  -OR-  Discover, Master Card, or Visa for immediate credit - LIMIT $2,500.00 per transaction
(Credit cards must be domestic with a U.S. Mailing Address Only -  Sorry! NO International Cards)
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Coral Springs, FL - February 15, 2012 - Termark Technical Institute welcomes Richard F, Lange (NICET) and Michael DiMauro, Jr. (Fiber Optics) to our instruction staff.
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Coral Springs, FL. May 4, 2012 -  Termark Technical Institute has been advised our headquarters building was recently sold and we must vacate by August 31, 2012 because the new owner has
plans for our facility.  With this in mind, we will be relocating our Coral Springs headquarters to a new larger building, on or before August 31, 2012.  Please check back to our website for the
announcement of our new home location.
Coral Springs, Florida - August 1, 2012 -- Termark Technical Institute announces the relocation of our Southern Campus and Main Office to 1000 West McNab Road -
Suite #148 - Pompano Beach, Florida.
. Effective September 1, 2012   The facility is easily accessible to I-95 from either the Cypress Creek or Atlantic Boulevard exits
and is just East of the intersection of  Andrews Avenue and McNab Road, in Pompano Beach, Florida.
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Pompano Beach, Florida - Effective  February 15, 2013 - Termark Technical Institute has severed it business relationship with the Fiber Optics Association and
therefore ceased offering FOA approved training, in favor of offering several new certified programs with the Electronic Technicians Association and the International
Fiber Certification Association. We will be enrolling students in these new programs by early summer of 2013.